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MTV’s Death Valley looks to blend comedy with the supernatural horror says showrunner Eric Weinberg

MTV’s Death Valley premieres tonight on the network. From everything available about the show so far including the trailer it looks like it will be a parody of cops, but instead of the police officers busting petty drug offenders and domestic abusers, they will be tasked with ridding the streets of a fictional southern California town of Vampires, Zombies, & Werewolves.  To get prepared for the premiere later tonight, check out an excerpt from THP’s interview with showrunner Eric Weinberg:

THR: Death Valley feels like Reno 911 meets The Walking Dead and True Blood with dash of Teen Wolf for good measure. What makes Death Valley different?

Eric Weinberg: That’s not a bad way to look at it (laughs). Our show’s very different. I’m not taking anything away from those other shows: Walking Dead is really cool; True Blood is really cool. Our show is feels, looks and sounds different; it’s a different kind of show. We blend comedy and horror because Walking Dead and True Blood aren’t going for comedy. It’s just a different approach to it. I feel like there’s room for all of them right now. We’re not going to try to out-mythologize Walking Dead; we’re not going to try to out-sexy True Blood. We’re more rock ’n’ roll and we’re funnier.

THR: Any kind of plans to spoof True Blood or other genre fare?

Weinberg: I could see having some fun [with that] down the road. I would also never want to be perceived as taking a shot at anybody; they don’t deserve that. When they do anything that warrants taking a shot, then of course, but those shows have been really solid in their own right. We’re just getting the audience at this point starting to be aware of who we are. I don’t think the time has come for us to start to parody other shows that are pretty well-established.

For the full interview please visit The Hollywood Reporter, and be sure to check out DEATH VALLEY on MTV tonight!

Death Valley Trailer 2…because it has 2 times the monsters, comedy & gore…hell maybe even 3 times as much!

MTV. Oh how I wish I could quit you. A handful of years ago I was pretty much done with you altogether. Then came RJ Berger and I laughed. Hard. Then came Teen Wolf and while I was skeptical, it totally won me over. Now comes a show that looks like if it lives up to the trailer all of you are about to watch, could be the greatest show to air on MTV in a long time. Death Valley is shot in a docu-drama style in the vein of COPS. Except these cops are out to ride the street of Vampires, Werewolves, & Zombies. A blend of comedy & horror. It looks like this show actually has the potential to “get it right” Check out the latest trailer for the show:

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Death Valley debuts on MTV on August 29th, so get your umbrellas ready because it looks like it is going to be raining blood soon!

MTV continues to go forward with it’s venture into Horror sub-genres with “Death Valley”

MTV has been on quite a horror-roll lately. Not only have they brought us the Teen Wolf series, and the quasi-horror drama original movie “The Truth Below” but now comes a movie that promises to be pretty much full on batshit horror crazy. “Death Valley” is the story of the Undead Task Force of San Fernando Valley who are out to rid the streets of Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and all other types of creatures of the night! Before you start your bitching & whining about “oh gawd…MTV…really?” Watch the trailer below:

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Come on, admit it, that trailer looked pretty damn cool, right?  No whiny teenagers, lots of monsters, and plenty of gore! We owe it as horror fans to at least give this a shot.  If it turns out to be good, you won’t want to be someone who missed the boat over a reason as old and tired as “It’s MTV”  An August release