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Shivers Down Your Spine; a new horror anthology web-series debuts with episode 1 DEADBOLT!

If you aren’t familiar yet with the crew over at DEAD LANTERN yet, you should be. These guys have their hands in all sorts of realms of horror. Not only do they put out the world famous Splattercast on a weekly basis (as well as myriad of other podcasts) but they also have produced a couple full length feature films.(Outpost Doom & The Grand Horror) Most recently they have released the first episode of a new Horror Anthology Web-series entitled: Shivers Down Your Spine! Written & Directed by horror-genre enthusiast Mat Kister The first episode is DEADBOLT and centers around a ghost determined to get into a house to terrify a young lady. Check it out below:

Pretty good, huh? For more information on Shivers Down Your Spine including cast & crew information, some behind-the-scenes stories on the production of the first episode and a tidbit on Episode #2 SLEEP TIGHT visit DEAD LANTERN!