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Dead Island hands-on Demo!

DEAD ISLAND is about a month from being released. Are you still on the fence? Consider the following hands-on Demo of the open-world multiplayer portion of the game:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I really dig the drop in/drop out aspect they are talking about. Hope into multiplayer, someone drops you a weapon and then you then possess that weapon for your single player story mode. That is a pretty awesome feature. What did you guys think of the demo? Dead Island releases on September 6th, so be sure to get your hands on it before it gets it’s hands on you!

Dead Island Game Footage video courtesy of Comic-Con! “Taking the Beach”

On September 6th DEAD ISLAND hits video game shelves for the PS3 & 360 and here is probably some of the most in-depth footage yet, we get to see actual game play footage.  It looks like it is towards the very beginning of the game as the main character awakens with a group of survivors and is told just exactly what is going on.  We also get to see some zombie killing in action.  One thing for sure, this game is going to be bloody as hell, regardless of the weapon, every time a zombie is whacked, smashed, cut, stabbed, shot, burned, chopped etc etc….it will produced blood, a lot of it!  Check out the preview below:

Lets hope the demo we watched, or a similar demo of DEAD ISLAND hits PS3 and XBL soon! Also it looks like Playstation HOME will be getting a Zombie Makeover just before the release of DEAD ISLAND in attempt to help promote the game’s release.  I haven’t yet delved into Playstation Home as of yet, but I think I just found a reason to take the plunge.  GAMEPRO reports the following:

“In the case of Dead Island, Home Square will come to resemble the Royal Palms Resort, the setting of Dead Island. Minigames will be available to play, including one where players must craft items and fend off attacks from a zombie horde. The game supports up to 4 player co-op, much like Dead Island, and features 10 different challenges. Completing all 10 rewards players with the “Exploding Meat” weapon in Dead Island proper.

Players will also be able to have their photo taken with a zombie and participate in a “zombie survival survey,” which will rate their chances of survival in a real zombie apocalypse as well as unlocking 4 PlayStation Home items.

Finally, you’ll be able to pre-order Dead Island proper from within PlayStation Home — doing so will net your Home avatar an “Exploding Zombie Outfit” item.”

Sounds pretty awesome, considering Playstation Home is completely free! *runs to start downloading now*

DEAD ISLAND 4 player co-op preview! Strategy is what it’s all about to survive!

DEAD ISLAND footage has been erupting a lot as of late. From previews to trailers and even some actual game play footage. The game is starting to reveal itself as more than just another zombie shooter. The strategy isn’t simply going to be to kill as much as possible. You are going to be put in danger, a lot of it, and won’t always have a machine gun or assault rifle to get you out of some of the stickier situations. With that said the best way to attack could end up being with the help of some friends. Strategy & team work could be the name of the game as the video below shows:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DEAD ISLAND is an action-RPG, this risk could turn off casual gamers who are looking to just kill as much as possible, as fast as possible. Me? I am ready to jump into this full force. If this game is executed well, it could be a breath of fresh air to the genre that is desperately needs. Are you ready to take that plunge as well? If you would like to read more on the latest video please click on the image below to go to G4 which offers an extensive write-up on the multi-player video as well as describing how this will be a much different game than recent zombie shooters!

E3 continues to deliver the horror-related goods with Dead Island trailer!

E3 has been EvilEpisode’s best friend the past few days.  All sorts of great horror-related content to share. Today is no different as the official E3 trailer for DEAD ISLAND has been posted. We get another fantastic look at the game, including what looks to be big party the night before the zombie apocalypse begins! Check it out:

DEAD ISLAND shambles to the PS3 & 360 consoles on August 1st 2011!



Dead Island in-game footage shambles it’s way online!

You’ve already seen the movie trailer as well as getting a mention in my Zombies in Video games piece, how we finally get some in-game footage of the highly anticipated Dead Island. Check out the 10+ minute piece of footage courtesy of Gametrailers.com

My early impressions based on the footage is that the game will play sort of like a GTA w/zombies hyrbid.  Open world, with tons of side missions in addition to the main storyline.  I will re-iterate that the presentation looks absolute beautiful, and it is nice to see the game developers are definitely not holding back on the blood and gore effects as the game footage featured plenty of zombies in several states of decay and rot being pulverized by a different weapons and attacks. Does this in-game footage change your opinion one way or another about the game thus far?  Dead Island will shamble into your home on September 30th!

Dead Island teaser hits the web! Zombies on Vacation!

A few days ago when I posted my Zombies in Video Games article detailing my experiences with the genre and where I think it should go next, I mentioned the game Dead Island whose initial presentation looks pretty good but it is not clear yet exactly what type of game it will be.  Well, today the teaser for Dead Island has hit the web and once again it looks beautiful in it’s presentation, although again, much remains to be seen as to exactly how the game-play will work and if it will be more of a straight-forward shooter type game or if it will contain other elements to separate it from that sub-genre.  Watch the teaser for Dead Island below and let me know what you think!