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Get a taste of what’s in store in Dead Island: Riptide in this 10 minute game-play preview

Fans of Dead Island will be happy to see that it looks like the sequel has been largely unchanged, and is more of a tweaking job for the follow up “Dead Island: Riptide”  In this preview video, we see the the player first trying to scout some weapons from around the island to defend the safe-house  and then the following mission which is to hold off a few waves of zombie attacks while water is being pumped out of an underground tunnel system…..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O29F-b9nWTY]

Be sure to be locked & loaded when Dead Island: Riptide releases in April!

Dead Island: Riptide’s trailer explodes onto the internet…

Remember the first trailer for the original Dead Island? Highly emotional stuff…it sparked quite the discussion.  Well, here comes the first trailer for Deep Silver’s follow up Dead Island: Riptide.

Furious monsoon rainstorms have laid waste to the island of Palanai in the Banoi archipelago, waters have risen and caused a flood disaster — because of this and the raging zombie invasion, a rescue mission for the survivors seems to be without prospect of success. All hope seems to have been lost for the surviving humans…

[youtube http://youtu.be/gp6TizgPxmQ]

Dead Island:Riptide is planned for a 2013 release!