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Dexter, American Horror Story, Terra Nova, Walking Dead, etc etc….I want to know your thoughts?

With The Walking Dead season 2 getting underway a few hours ago….or depending on when you are reading this, last night, it is safe to say that the Horror-TV season is in full effect and will be pretty jam packed with shows and series for the remainder of 2011.  Despite all the shows currently airing, we still have NBC’s Grimm, Bag of Bones, as well as Chiller’s original movie, Remains, among many more that I have probably failed to mention.

That said, I want to know what you, the visitors of the site and listeners of the podcast think about all the returning series and new shows.  It doesn’t matter if you enjoy ’em, hate ’em, want to pick certain elements apart regarding them.  I am all for your feedback no matter what your opinions are, and I’d love to feature all of your thoughts in an upcoming episode of the podcast.

You can do something as simple as leave a reply on this topic below, email your thoughts to evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com or you can be even more bold and record your comments in audio form and send them to the same email and I will play them during the show.

With the audience of the podcast growing slowly but surely, I am always interested to get the pulse of the audience as to what they are watching and what they want to discuss.  So speak up and be a part of an upcoming episode of the podcast!

Stay Evil

-Mike of Evil Episodes Podcast

Steve Niles “REMAINS” gets a premiere date on Chiller! (So does new series THE FUTURE OF FEAR)

The zombie apocalyptic tale Remains is one of two original movies CHILLER network plans to air in the near future and now it finally has an air date:  Friday December 16th at 10pm….here is the synopsis from Chiller’s website:

“Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer, Remains is set in a chilling post-apocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world’s population to zombies. The group takes refuge in a vacant casino and fights a losing battle against the undead, who grow steadily stronger, smarter and more aggressive by the minute.”

Also, a new original series called “The Future of Fear” airing Friday, November 25 at 8 PM goes as follows:

“Why do we love to be scared? What makes a truly great horror film? This two-hour special will delve into the compelling mysteries at the heart of the horror genre. Featuring commentary from greatest horror storytellers of all time, including John Carpenter, Wes Craven, George Romero, Anne Rice, Alan Ball and John Landis, The Future of Fear will take a look back at where horror has taken us, its place in mainstream American culture and what’s on the horizon for one of the most enduring and popular genres of all time.”

This is only the beginning for original programming on Chiller, as Chiller 13: Creepiest Kids as well as Ghoul will also be airing in the near future. For more on all of these upcoming movies & series visit Chiller’s website!

Credit: Chiller

REMAINS gets a one-sheet….and does it ever look cool or what?

Thanks to DREAD CENTRAL for pointing me in the direction of Steve Niles facebook page where he shared the following one-sheet for his live action adaption of his novel “Remains” which is set to air on CHILLER network!















Be sure to check out Steve Niles facebook page for all sorts of updates on REMAINS, which is set to air on CHILLER network this fall!

Credit: Dread Central

Harper’s Island series finale airing this Monday on CHILLER (marathon to lead up)

A few months ago I reported that the mini-series Harper’s Island which originally aired on CBS,(albeit had it’s legs cut out from under it about three quarters of the way through) would re-air in it’s entirety on the CHILLER network. This Monday the series wraps up as the exciting finale will be airing, with a marathon session of the series episodes leading up to it. Check out the finale preview as well as quick interviews asking the 6 remaining characters how they would like to be killed off.  (Warning: HEAVY SPOILERS)

Oh and keep in mind, the promo is from when the series had originally aired on CBS, so although the CHILLER finale happens to also land on “July 11th”, It’s Monday July 11th, not the exact date that appears in the video:

For more details such as date and time’s for the marathon of the series beginning Monday as well check out CHILLER’s schedule page.   Harper’s Island CHILLER finale airs Monday at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific(It also looks like that won’t be the end of the series on CHILLER as the schedule shows it popping back up August 6th…so for those of you still snoozing on the series, you indeed will seemingly get a third chance.  SO GET ON IT)

Images & behind the scenes footage of Chiller’s Zombie flick “Remains”

By now we all know of CHILLER’s zombie flick “Remains” that is due to air later this year.  The story as reported from Norwich Bulletin is as follows:

“The movie is set in Reno, Nev., where a blackjack dealer and a dancer find themselves the lone survivors of a bizarre accident that has reduced most of the world’s population to zombies.”
I have been to Reno, NV a handful of times so I am pretty interested to see how well they re-create the “biggest little city in the world” for the movie, from the actual location of Norwich, Conn.

Now the first images from the set as well as some behind-the-scenes footage has landed on the internet for all of us to enjoy. (click photo for images)

Remains is set to air later this year on CHILLER network

But that’s not all….behind-the-scenes footage has also started popping up courtesy of the cast & crew, which has been made available to everyone via youtube. Watch the short video below of the Director  Colin Theys explaining part of the shoot the cast is about to tackle:

Production has wrapped on Chiller’s 1st original movie: GHOUL!

While Chiller’s 2nd original project for 2011 “REMAINS” just got production underway in Mystic, Conn., their very first original piece, titled “GHOUL” has just wrapped.  GHOUL is based on Brian Keene’s novel which offers the following synopsis:

“No one believes Timmy when he tells them he and his friends discovered a ghoul eating the dead in a local cemetery; but when the ghoul starts attacking the living as well as the dead, Timmy realizes it’s up to him and his friends to stop it.”

The pages of GHOUL convert to live action on Chiller!

Sounds pretty cool. Almost has a Fright Night but with Zombies feel to the story. Nolan Gould & Barry Corbin star in GHOUL which is set to air this fall on Chiller!

Credit: JOBLO

Friday the 13th TV Series – Jason does TV…oh wait…no he doesn’t!

It’s Friday the 13th everyone! Besides Halloween, it is probably one of the leading days of notoriety for horror fans as it annually becomes “which Friday the 13th flick should I watch tonight” day….well keeping with the “TV-based” them of the blog, let me take a moment to bring us back to the late 80’s to remember another chapter in the Friday the 13th saga.

Imagine Nightmare on Elm Street without Freddy Kruger….Halloween sanz Michael Myers(well we actually did get that, and it was a good flick, IMO, but that is another story for another time)…how about Friday the 13th without Jason Voorhees….would never happen right…WRONG.  Well sort of!  Back in 1987, Friday the 13th’s TV series started airing.

The show had little if anything to do with Jason Voorhees, Campy Crystal lake or the legend itself. (It might have been referenced to slightly, but I don’t remember). The story was about an antique shop owner who had made a pact with the devil to sell items and antiques that all had various curses attached to them. For whatever reason he broke his pact and was killed for his efforts. Micki & her cousin Ryan inherit the shop and make it their mission along with the help of the older, Jack character, to go out and retrieve all the missing antiques before they could cause further harm in the wrong hands.  It has been a really long time since I have scene any of the episodes but last I checked the series is in syndication on CHILLER network. (It used to run on SyFy as well, but I don’t think so anymore).

Here is the opening trailer for the show:

One episode I do remember, was centered around a high school chick who had come upon a makeup compact that would make whoever looked into the compact at the same time as her, fall in love with her instantly.  The chick would do this to various guys out of revenge for them ignoring her(I think) and would eventually lead them to suicide.  Not sure why this episode stood out particularly, maybe it was because anyone growing up has insecurities about themselves to a certain extent!?!

From what little I remember, I dug the show, enough. I remember this was part of the regular Saturday night line up for me along with a couple of other shows that came and went in the same era.  This could just be a case of me seeing at such a young age and having a more positive memory than it deserves.  This show will definitely be something I cover extensively so look for that in the future!

Was the Hockey Mask ever referred to as one of the "cursed items" ?