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Evil Episodes Podcast #6 True Blood Season 4; Also, Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted Attraction!

Hi again folks, it’s your host Mike. On this episode Darrick & I give our thoughts on True Blood Season 4: Witches vs. Vampires and all the other crazy and whacky stuff that went on. I also lead off with some quick thoughts on Dead Island. Only having played about 2-3 hours of the game at the time of recording it is more of a rapid reaction to the start of the game. Full thoughts and review will come later on the site and a future episode of the show. After that I spoke with Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted Attraction in Sacramento, CA (Fair Oaks, for the locals). I have a conversation with them about how they got started with haunted house building, what to expect this year at Cemetarium Haunted Attraction as well as future goals and what lies ahead for their production. They offer a lot of insight into what goes into making a haunted house for the public to enjoy. For more information on the Cemetarium Haunted Attraction as well as Frank & Troy’s production company please visit:

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Big Thanks to Cemetarium Haunted House & Terror In The Night Halloween Productions

Got a lot of cleaning & BBQing to do on this Labor Day Holiday so it will be pretty quiet on the website today, however I wanted to give a quick shout out to Frank & Troy of Cemetarium Haunted House & Terror In The Night Halloween Productions for having Jen &  Myself out to the site of their haunted attraction for a tour and interview this past Sunday.

Frank(left) & Troy(right) of Cemetarium Haunted House

The Cemetarium Haunted House opens October 1st and for an admission of only $8 it is probably the best value in town if you are looking to for some thrills & chills.

The interview will be featured on Evil Episodes #6 later this month, but until then if you are looking for more information on Cemetarium Haunted House, please check out the official website HERE and the Official Facebook Page HERE!