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Evil Episodes 016: Throw The Kids In The River! Now Available!

Welcome back to the 16th installment of Evil Episodes!

This time around is sort of a make-shift episode. As I’ll be briefly explaining in the episode, this was originally going to be a lengthy discussion on The Walking Dead season 2. I had an all-star lineup of Bill Chete, ChrisROBO, and New Jersey Nick from Slashercast on with me. It was an excellent synopsis and breakdown of the show and each of us brought a unique perspective. Unfortunately the audio file corrupted and was sent straight to podcasting hell just about right after I hit stop on the recording. I did catch about 30 minutes of bonus footage of the four of us shootin’ the breeze on various horror topics that I will likely include as bonus footage in a future episode for that. So apologies for this, lets hope Walking Dead season 3 discussion plans turn out better!

For today, I bring you a discussion on another TV Horror series that just wrapped up it’s initial season, THE RIVER. Myself and Darrick had given some thoughts on the show previously but this was a more detailed and lengthy discussion. Darrick was actually out for this segment, so I called in a couple of fellows from The Slashercast, @TheHumanIMDB and @TheFlickist to share their thoughts on it as well.

Wrapping up the episode is the latest Horrorpiece Theater featuring a couple movies where the killers are kids. First up is Bloody Birthday, followed by Village of the Damned. (the remake) I know I am usually Mr. Originals guy, but when I do get around to reviewing the original it will probably be as a double feature with the original Children of the Damned.


Download:  Evil Episodes #16

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Hope you enjoy this latest effort! As always leave any feedback below and/or at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com