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Asylum branching out into TV shows with Z Nation……here’s the teaser!

Not quite had your fill of Zombies? Willing to give Asylum pictures…one….more….chance?  Coming in September is Z Nation a new zombie tv show from Asylum. I don’t know quite what to make of this as it is much more of a teaser than a trailer….All I know for sure is it looks very Asylum-y which for most people means “not good”. For others, something they can turn off their brain and have fun with.  Will I give it a chance? Of course….this is the kind of stuff we cover for you after all, right? Check out the teaser below…


SyFy’s BIGFOOT comes out of the woods and onto the internet long enough for a :30 trailer!

The SYFY network wraps up it’s month long Monster Movie month with another original movie this Saturday June 30th with,  BIGFOOT!

“A DJ & and a Conservationist team up to fight against the deadly bigfoot!

Follow Bigfoot’s tracks by clicking here!