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A movie named Amusement….should at least be Amusing, no? Here are my thoughts…

This week I reviewed a movie named Amusement.  There was a creepy clown on the box cover art.  Creepy clowns are usually a sure thing in horror flicks.  The movie itself might suck but at least the creepy clown will usually provide some thrills & chills for viewers, especially those prone to a fear of clowns in the first place.  Did this movie offer anything more than a creepy clown….?

“Shelby, Tabitha & Lisa each have their own segment of the movie dedicated to being stalked and captured.  Each one sort of resembles a classic tale of horror we have seen and/or heard of before, perhaps many times.  However that isn’t a problem in this movie as for two-thirds of the flick the story(s) is presented pretty effective and creepy. Shelby’s story is the classic tale of trouble on the road with strangers, while Tabitha’s is re-telling of the infamous babysitter in peril with a clown-tastic twist that is surely to give all you clown-a-phobes a thrill and the heebie jeebies! (And for me the strongest act of the movie)”

Well hey now, I can’t go and give away the answer to that question just yet, right? Haha! For the full review click the image below!