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American Horror Story get it’s first extended promo titled “ATHEIST”

Are you done with the multiple clues we’ve recieved over the past month and ready for some more meat on the new season of American Horror Story: Asylum? Well settle in because the first teaser trailer has arrived:

[youtube http://youtu.be/5YEIyX9FktE]

At Briarcliff Manor, Even The Horror Goes Insane. American Horror Story Asylum premieres October 17th on FX.

Fourth American Horror Story teaser hits the web….

“Roses are Red, The Violence is New, and here is the latest hint for you” that is how the latest “clue” for season 2 of American Horror Story is preceded on their facebook page.  This latest clip may be the creepiest tease yet…check it out below:

[youtube http://youtu.be/O1AwssWCiDQ]

American Horror Story releases three teasers for Season 2!

Last year when American Horror Story was unleashed on FX network, the show was preceded by a  number of short teasers and “clues.” It looks like things have been no different in anticipation for the second season either.  Instead of posting each one, I decided to wait for a few to release and we now have three small teasers. The following are in order of their release…

The creep factor has definitely not letup. American Horror Story returns in October on FX!

Adam Levine, a flashlight, and a bloody face…it’s the first set pic from American Horror Story season 2!

Season 2 of American Horror Story is going to take place in an asylum for the criminally insane. Ryan Murphy the show’s creator recently joined twitter and released the first pic from the set.  From the looks of it this is a shot from inside the insane asylum….

The first picture from the set of American Horror Story Season 2!


American Horror Story season 2 plans…..aka I do love a good Horror Anthology!

As the season finale of American Horror Story grew closer, the speculation had already began on how a second season would go down. As the abundance of characters from the show continued to grow, while the main characters continued down their fate it seemed like the show might have been painting itself into a corner that would be hard to scramble out of.  Well, after much wondering on the parts of fans and critics alike, it looks like the direction for season two and beyond has been revealed…..

Find out the spooky plans for season two and beyond of American Horror Story