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The River is flowing to ABC soon…what will it wash up?

As  information has been slowly coming for The River, which is premiering on ABC network, we’ve all been hoping for some footage or promotional videos.  Well we just scored one better.  The first full trailer for the show. After watching this trailer I am actually more excited for the potential of the show than I thought I would be.  From the director of Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli, The River is about an explorer who goes missing in the middle of the Amazon and is thought to be dead until a signal is received from his homing becon.  Family members set out to on an expedition to find him.  I am sure everyone will end up having their own selfish reasons they decided to go along.   Check out the trailer below:

You can most definitely see the influence by Oren Peli on display with a big percentage of the action shots and supernatural happenings taking place from the perspective of various security cameras mounted on the boat.  Lets hope ABC gives this series time to find an audience, much the way CBS did with Harper’s Island(even though they did eventually move it to Saturday Nights, grrr) and not decide to put a death nail in it ala Happy Town after only a few episodes.

What secrets does The River hold?......coming soon to ABC!