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Alien: Isolation get a new trailer at E3 2014!

One of my more anticipated games I am looking forward to this year is ALIEN: ISOLATION.

Despite being burned and disappointed in some many games based on the ALIEN franchise up to now, everything I have seen in regards to ISOLATION has me thinking that finally the game makers have captured the essence of what it would be like to feel helpless in space facing off against a Xenomorph.  Check out the latest trailer for the game below and be ready to wake up out of Cryosleep on October 7th!

Aliens: Colonial Marines gets a storyline trailer…..

The new Aliens video game sends players back to LV-426 to eradicate the Alien species from the planet…..it comes out in Feburary 2013……what more is there to say, right? Check out the storyline trailer below…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuGQGljOBpg]

Aliens: Colonel Marines cinematic trailer…

This game isn’t releasing until Fall 2012, however the cinematic trailer has hit the web and let’s just say it does a pretty fantastic job making the player feel like he will be a space marine straight out of James Cameron’s ALIENS…..