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Evil Episodes 016: Throw The Kids In The River! Now Available!

Welcome back to the 16th installment of Evil Episodes!

This time around is sort of a make-shift episode. As I’ll be briefly explaining in the episode, this was originally going to be a lengthy discussion on The Walking Dead season 2. I had an all-star lineup of Bill Chete, ChrisROBO, and New Jersey Nick from Slashercast on with me. It was an excellent synopsis and breakdown of the show and each of us brought a unique perspective. Unfortunately the audio file corrupted and was sent straight to podcasting hell just about right after I hit stop on the recording. I did catch about 30 minutes of bonus footage of the four of us shootin’ the breeze on various horror topics that I will likely include as bonus footage in a future episode for that. So apologies for this, lets hope Walking Dead season 3 discussion plans turn out better!

For today, I bring you a discussion on another TV Horror series that just wrapped up it’s initial season, THE RIVER. Myself and Darrick had given some thoughts on the show previously but this was a more detailed and lengthy discussion. Darrick was actually out for this segment, so I called in a couple of fellows from The Slashercast, @TheHumanIMDB and @TheFlickist to share their thoughts on it as well.

Wrapping up the episode is the latest Horrorpiece Theater featuring a couple movies where the killers are kids. First up is Bloody Birthday, followed by Village of the Damned. (the remake) I know I am usually Mr. Originals guy, but when I do get around to reviewing the original it will probably be as a double feature with the original Children of the Damned.


Download:  Evil Episodes #16

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Hope you enjoy this latest effort! As always leave any feedback below and/or at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com

Mike jumps into the water head first to review The River’s pilot episode!

The much anticipated debut of The River took place earlier tonight.  Did it deliver the thrills and chills all the promos, previews & trailers promised, or did it drown in the dangerous waters of the Amazon before making it out of the super-sized two hour premiere…..read my review after the jump!

Is The River an Expedition you’ll want to join?

Explore the River before it debuts on Feb 7th on ABC!

We are just a little bit over a week away from the highly anticipated THE RIVER by director Oren Peli. Since the original announcement, we’ve seen the trailer, a few clips, still shots and more. Now an official website has sprung up online which offers all sorts of cool goodies, including an interactive scavenger hunt that dishes out clues as to the whereabouts of Dr. Emmet Cole who is the the missing explorer the crew goes looking for in the show! Check out the website at http://exploretheriver.com