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Silent Hill HD collection only a couple weeks away…..watch the teaser now!

For those that are too young to have played the earlier Silent Hill games or just completely skipped over the series due to being on Team Resident Evil, there is never a better time than now to experience a couple of the best entries in the series as Konami is re-releasing Silent Hill 2 & 3 in HD for the PS3 & 360. Both games are included in one purchase deemed Silent Hill: HD Collection.

Check out the teaser below and I guarantee your interest will be peaked!

E3 trailer for “Never Dead” game coming to PS3/Xbox360, looks stunning!

Fans of the “Devil May Cry” franchise may cry foul a bit here as Never Dead definitely has the look and storyline that could make you do a double-take to make sure this game wasn’t a sequel to the popular and hugely successful series. However, once you watch this preview a few times, I think it will make a convert out of you! It is simply stunning in it’s presentation.  When it comes to “horror” this definitely falls more on the action-side of the genre, but hey we all need a little “hack n slash” in our lives, right?  Watch the trailer below:

Rise of Nightmares official E3 trailer (and more)!

You might remember my earlier article on Rise of Nightmares, the new survival-horror game for the kinect system exclusive to Xbox 360 console. With E3 taking place more footage is rolling in.  Watch the trailer below:

Left wanting more?  Check out the following video of what looks to be some of the tutorial towards the beginning of the game:

Microsoft is quickly speaking my language when it comes to the need to add their latest piece of video-gaming technology to my collection.  Time to start saving now!