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Looking to Submit content?  Questions/Comments?  Suggestions?  Anything? Here is how to contact the host of the show and creator of the blog Mike, of EvilEpisodesPodcast:

Horror filmmakers, authors, web designers, content creators: Are you working on a project you’d like to get out there to the masses? Send your work my way and I will view it, read it, experience it and discuss it on the website and the podcast! Interested? Contact me at  (I rarely say NO! Ha) Don’t send it to the big sites,(yet)who probably have these things piled high and are way behind. Instead send them to me and I will try to get you a super fast turnaround time!  Also, come onto the podcast itself to promote it yourself along side myself.  You will have an open forum to discuss your project and let the world what they should prepare for!

Itunes: Evil Episodes


Twitter: @EvilEpisodes


PSN: Cryptkeeper666

Skype: RetroFlickFillet 

Podcast Voicemail Line: 760-661-7384

Promo: Youtube – Click HERE
  • If you would like to run the promo on your blog or podcast, I have an audio-only version I can send to you! Feel free to contact me at the email address above!
  • Do I have a banner? Well yes, I do!  Can you throw it up on your website to help me advertise and promote my blog?  Of course! Do ME a favor and use it as much as you like: Feel free to resize if you need to.

7 responses to “Contact EvilEpisodes Blog/Podcast

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  5. remains ; I don’t give a shit either and will no longer watch this programing. A whiny homosexual swearing over and over is no enticement to watch any movie let alone a 3rd. class dredge like this one.

  6. do you do a reciprocal link exchange? and can I send you an audio promo for a horror project I am working on? I will put your banner up on my site contact me at

  7. Sandra ....Mistress of the Dark

    The Human Centipede…I want to see part 2..the full sequence..Get us the flick Mikey.

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