Dying Light gets a new trailer at E3, plus a new release date that will delay the dying.

Awhile back we mentioned the new PS4 game DYING LIGHT, it was pretty close to it’s original release date back in April. In fact, when I bought a PS4, this was my first intended purchase besides what I picked up with the console.  With a mere few days to go before it’s release, news had hit that it was being pushed back.  Not sure the exact reason why.  Could it have to do with fatigue due to DEAD ISLAND and DI: RIPTIDE recently coming out?  Truth be told, DYING LIGHT certainly looks like a next-gen version of the DEAD ISLAND games. Not that it’s a bad thing, I had fun with DEAD ISLAND, and even more of a blast with RIPTIDE due to playing most of co-op with my brother in law.

The Light will not be Dying in 2014…..boo!

The good news is there is a brand new trailer for DYING LIGHT that is full of zombie carnage, destruction, & gore.  The bad news?  The release date now stands at February 2015. I hope the new trailer cheers up those who were expecting the game to come sooner…check it out below!

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