Theater Of Evil Ep #05 Force of Execution

Hello again folks, been awhile! Welcome back to the Theater of Evil!
Q:What is Theater of Evil?
A:Part movie commentary, part fireside chat, 100% a cast of characters from the horror podcasting world getting together on skype to discuss the streaming movie, get in some good laughs, and mostly have a fun time being in each other’s company. Hopefully we entertain some folks along the way!
On this episode we draw back the curtains on something a little less “evil” but just as painful.  The latest movie from action “star” Steven Seagal.  Turns out he’s been making movies in bunches over the last decade of the straight to DVD variety. His latest, Force of Execution, has been stuck on my netflix recommendations front page for the last two weeks begging me to watch so being a good conforming consumer I finally decided to give it a shot, (mostly because of the semi-decent cast).  The movie didn’t end up getting everything wrong, and Bren Foster was actually quite impressive in the short amount of material he was given to work with….as far the rest…..tune into to find out what Doug Tilley, Jeff X Martin, and myself have to say.  This is currently streaming on netflix, so watch along with us as you listen!
Listen: [audio]

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