presents Jason Xmas web-series….

Pretty amazing how the fine folks over at can understand the details of a Friday the 13th movie better than Platinum Dunes, eh? Actually, I am not really surprised at all.

Good friend of the show, Doug Plomitallo has done it again folks. Following up on the hit 4-part web-series The Zombie Chronicles, comes a brand new 10 part series that features a slasher villain even the most novice horror fans should recognize; Jason MF’N Voorhees!  Check out episode 1 below:

“Jason Voorhees is back! In this first episode of a ten part mini-series, Jason invites himself to a family’s holiday reunion. The mystery of Jason’s latest target will become unveiled as the series continues. A new episode will be released monthly up until the exciting conclusion this upcoming Christmas!”


Evil Episodes is very happy to announce that we will be speaking with Doug Plomitallo this Friday when we record the new episode of the podcast to talk Jason Xmas, and everything else  Look for that episode to drop early next week!



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