An update? Sure, I guess so. *Boo*

Wow, it has been a long time since updating the website.  To be honest,  I really have no excuse. Well I sort of do. Fatherhood, a new job and generally more life obligations pulling me away from “spare” time.  Getting enough time to focus on the podcast itself can be tough at times.

I think another reason for the slacking on the website is that the podcast is now available on two networks. (Horrorphilia & The League of Extraordinary Podcasts) plus the facebook group page, it kind of made it less necessary for folks to come to the website to get the content I provide.  I haven’t really written any material for the website in a long time, and most news I post on the group page.

Anyway, I am going to try…TRY, to make an effort to post more on the website.

In the mean time, set your DVR’s because Bates Motel is re-opening a week from Monday…..!

Smile, you’re about to get BATES’D!


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