Who wants to win Dexter season 7 on blu ray? Details here….

Hello everyone,

As promised along with unveiling the details of how to enter yourself into the giveaway on Episode #40, I have made a stand alone post for entry details.  Here at Evil Episodes being that this is our first official prize, we decided not to make it so much a contest and more of a giveaway.  That’s right folks, all you have to do is TELL ME YOU WANT IT.

How can you let me know?  There are lots of ways.  For starters, leave a comment on this thread (please include email so I can contact a potential winner).  Then there is emailing the show at evilepisodespodcast@hotmail.com, oh but there’s more, you can leave a comment on Horrorphilia’s mirror of this post right here: Evil Episodes Podcast #40 on Horrorphilia and finally, and perhaps the most fun of all you can even leave a message on the Evil Episodes voicemail at 760-661-7384 (please include an email address in your message, don’t worry I won’t air your email address on the show 😉 ) telling us you want to get your hands on the Dexter Season 7 blu ray set….

Well, that’s pretty much it, very easy people….I know there are a ton of Dexter fans out there who would love to save themselves $40 (or more).

The lucky winner will be announced on Episode #42 which is only two episodes from now (approximate date of recording of that episode is June 21st, yep I want to give lots of people time to enter) Don’t miss out!

Dexter returns with it’s final season on June 30th on Showtime! Be sure to tune in!

3 responses to “Who wants to win Dexter season 7 on blu ray? Details here….

  1. Shemp DeYoung

    I sent an email. I would love this!

  2. David Hollingsworth

    Since I don’t have any seasons of Dexter, I would like to have a copy, for my collection.


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