Theater Of Evil Ep #01 The Sentinel (Yes, another sidecast is born)

Because too much of my life isn’t already dedicated to podcasting, I give you all the latest in a series of sidecasts…..

Welcome to the debut episode of yet another sidecast from Evil Episodes:Theater of Evil!

Q:What is Theater of Evil? 
A:Part movie commentary, part fireside chat, 100% a cast of characters from the horror podcasting world getting together on skype to discuss the streaming movie, get in some good laughs,  and mostly have a fun time being in each other’s company. Hopefully we entertain some folks along the way!
In the debut episode, Mike of Evil Episodes along with Corey from The Electric Chair Show and Moe Porne from Drunk on VHS & No Budget Nightmares record a commentary for 1977′s The Sentinel, starring…well…who isn’t this one starring actually!? We aren’t kidding here, this cast is loaded full of stars from the golden era, as well as some at the time youngsters who have since become household names not only in the horror genre but film overall. See for yourself at The Sentinel’s IMDB Page
Tonight’s cast is:

Mike/@NoCalMike/@EvilEpisodes of Evil Episodes podcast
Corey/Electricchrshow of The Electric Chair show podcast
Moe Porne/@DrunkOnVHS of Drunk on VHS and No Budget Nightmares podcast
Listen: [audio]
Hope you enjoy, and all feedback can be sent to Evil Episodes regular email at or using the voicemail line: 760-661-7384!

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