Mike gives his 2012 Top 5 in Horror……

Hey everyone, Mike here. I just wanted to distinguish this post as being from me personally because we have multiple contributors to the website and because most of the posts on here are more of the news & podcast episode variety, there isn’t really a need to distinguish who is making the posts, but since this post is obviously personal opinion I wanted to make sure it doesn’t come across that I am speaking for everyone that is involved in Evil Episodes….so with that said lets get to my Top 5 list…..(fair warning a couple might be pre-2012 productions/releases but were not available widely until 2012)

#5  Horror Television

Yes, you read that correctly. Horror TV. I was purposely tricky in not labeling this the top 5 horror “movies” of 2012, more just horror in general. Is this a bit of a cheat? Perhaps, but for the sake of the rest of the list, I am lumping all Horror TV into one slot. 2012 Has been a pretty solid year for Horror television. The first half of The Walking Dead season 3 has been very entertaining and even has a lot of it’s harshest critics from the horror community back in it’s good graces, and the second half looks to be even more promising. Dexter’s 7th season for me has been a rebound from a  lackluster sixth season and a solid but unspectacular 5th season. Something has felt lacking in the show since The Trinity Killer met his demise and it had felt that the writers had been dragging out the eventual confrontation and wrap-up to the series we all knew would eventually be coming. American Horror Story’s second season Asylum ramped up just about everything I enjoyed about the first season, and then some. Jessica Lange already an Emmy award winner in her role in Season 1, should be the favorite to win the award again for her role as Sister Jude Martin. Outside of the Big Three, we got another season of Face Off on Syfy. The River which was not great but enough to keep me watching, and even a Munster’s reboot.(Mocking Bird Lane) which I honestly thought was a lot better than I expected it to be.  2013 has a lot to live up to if I am to dare to list Horror Television on a best of list again!

#4 – Excision

Succeeding where so many other films fail. Refusing to take cheap and easy routes in getting it’s message across, Excision is that uncomfortable journey you start out on knowing full well things won’t end happily for anyone involved. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Morbid and visceral imagery is used in this movie often to try and help the viewer understand just what’s inside the head of Pauline as she drifts through life with the uncanny feeling she just “aint right” What an understatement. Anna Lynn McCord is excellent, but will probably go un-noticed or overlooked due to the limited availability of the movie and the general shunning of the genre by critics.

#3 –  Kill List

Often compared to A Serbian Film (for good reason in some ways) Kill List is setup in much of the same way. Someone is down on their luck, talked into taking a job that will be “worth their time” and what starts out semi-routinely quickly devolves into a nightmarish situation that can’t be escaped until the task at hand has been completed. This is another flick not for the squeamish, and features a gut-punch of an ending that has divided viewers.

#2 – The InnKeepers

Before I had a chance to see this one for myself, the prevailing opinion out there seemed to be that Ti West’s followup to I Saw the Devil, was that this movie was a similar paced and directed movie, minus the payoff.  After getting a hold of, and seeing it for myself, I would agree with the assessment except for the “minus the payoff” part. I am not sure how anyone  could say there isn’t a payoff at the end. Maybe you just didn’t like the payoff, however I thought it was perfectly fine and even got a few chills from the last fifteen minutes or so. Ti West has become known for his slow pace, long buildup and deliberate style and I for one am full on board.

#1 – V/H/S

The real shame here is that the found-footage genre was beaten into the ground a good year or so before this movie had been made available. A horror anthology  featuring five very different tales (plus a wrap around story), each directed by a different director. Some segments are stronger than others naturally, however as a whole this was perhaps my favorite viewing experience in the genre for 2012. Ironically, most consider genre favorite and start director in the making Ti West’s segment “Second Honeymoon” the weakest of the bunch, and while I didn’t think it was bad, the other segments for the most part are so strong, it is hard to disagree, however from top to bottom, from start to finish this movie deserves at least a spot on any Top Horror list for 2012.

Honorable Mentions: 

#1 Cabin in the Woods

If this was a Top 10 list it would surely be among the movies on the list. In fact if not for my insistence of including Horror TV on the list, Cabin in the Woods was the likely choice for #5. While I wasn’t head over heels in love with it as much after the second viewing, it is hard to deny that this movie is just a flat out fun time to spend your afternoon on.  So, maybe Co #5?

#2 John Dies at the End

Another flick that most likely makes the list if I had done a Top 10. This movie is a wild ride, it’s all over the place, but in a good way. The structure is not that of what you would normally see in your movie going experience. Some will say this isn’t straight up horror, and I can’t really argue, but hey I don’t think Cabin in the Woods was either, so….

#3 – The Walking Dead Video Game by Telltale

When all is said and done this may actually be my favorite experience in the genre in 2012. Part of me thinks I should have found a way to get this on the actual Top 5 list, considering I semi-cheated putting TV on there. Playing this game, living with the decisions you have your character make, the consequences, the rewards, the fallout. All of this feels like it goes one step beyond merely watching a movie in which you have no control over. This game features some of the best character development I have ever witnessed on this side of a controller. When a situation gets out of hand and shit starts to hit the fan you truly experience the feeling of helplessness. People will die because of your actions, count on it. You will feel awful about some of the decisions you make along the way. Hindsight will constantly be on your mind even as the credits close on the fifth chapter. And you know what? I can’t wait for more!



One response to “Mike gives his 2012 Top 5 in Horror……

  1. Great list, Mike. Glad to see Excision on here, I really liked that one as well.

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