Can you Survive a Horror movie? Find out tomorrow night on Chiller!

This Friday evening Chiller will debut a new special titled “Can you Survive a Horror Movie”  The network will be bringing in experts from various fields to try and re-create scenarios from different horror movies and put the co-hosts to the test….

“Can You Survive” premieres on Friday 13th July 9:00pm EST
Have you ever watched a horror film, reveling in the gruesome deaths of twenty-something teenagers and idiotic frat-boys, and thought that you could do better? Ever imagined that you could out-wit a slow-moving psychopath? Have you walked into a room and immediately sized-up which objects could be used as weapons in the event of a zombie attack? Do you think that you’d stand a chance against Freddy, Jason and Myers?

Chiller’s upcoming special Can You Survive a Horror Movie? will put those thoughts to the test as we explore the best tips and tricks for conquering the classic death-dealing scenarios. Combining cinematic reenactments with expert strategy, Can You Survive will also highlight our three unsuspecting hosts, putting them through a blood-soaked series of challenges deviously designed to test the likelihood of their continued living…

Check out the trailer below:


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