Get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse playing as Daryl from The Walking Dead…..

Yes that’s right another Walking Dead video game is on the way, totally unrelated to the TellTale series that is currently being released monthly as a 5 chapter game.  This new game is going to be a First Person Shooter and you will be playing as Daryl Dixonand accompanied by his brother Merle Dixon as you embark on a trip to find survivors and possibly safety in Atlanta.   Will there be co-op? Not sure yet.  In fact, not many details have been revealed but what we do have is a trailer!  Check it out below:


The game gets it big debut demo at SDCC 2012, however word right now is it will not be a playable demo. Bummed? Sure, but get this, if you are one of the first 100 to pre-order the game, you get a replica necklace of zombie ears just like Daryl’s from the show…that is pretty morbid…..I LOVE IT! Haha

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