Evil Episodes #19 – Horror flaps it’s wings!

 Evil Episodes is back! The show as you know has been going through a bit of a transition. Episode #19 has actually been ready to go for awhile now but I was working some issues with the website, archives, feeds etc etc(Still working on getting the show back up on iTunes, hopefully soon)…without further ado, the show is back!

On this edition, Mike & Jamie set a course for Dead Island where they discuss the first person zombie killing game. Does it live up to the initial hype garnered from the original movie-like trailer? After that Horror takes to the skies as we review and discuss the classic Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds and then end things off on a lighter note with a discussion of the “cult classic” Birdemic! Thanks for bearing with everything that’s been going on and see everyone soon for Episode #20! (Wow, 20)


Download: (Right Click –>SaveAs)  Evil Episodes #19 


2 responses to “Evil Episodes #19 – Horror flaps it’s wings!

  1. Jed, the podcast is no longer on a fixed schedule. Sometimes it may come out weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, etc etc…..with all the moving the podcast has been doing over the past few weeks it’s caused Episode #20 to be delayed a bit, once #20 goes up, everything will be back to normalcy. If you aren’t a fan of horrorphilia then rest assued the podcast will available straight from this website as well 😉
    Here is the update I posted regarding the podcast: http://evilepisodes.com/2012/05/22/evil-episodes-podcast-will-return-shortly-so-much-evil-to-go-around-oh-yes/ Thanks for listening!

  2. is this off schedule now since hp doesnt haves it anymore? i seen on twitter that yous on horrorfilia nows why woulds you damages a good thing? those pods are poor excuses plz explain to me what happens?

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