More than a handful can be deadly when grabbing ZOMBOOBIES!

Was sent this today.  I hope everyone enjoys!

ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) オッパイ好きゾンビ is a Sexy Japanese Horror Comedy
filmed in Los Angeles, Ca in the winter of 2011. Starring an entirely Asian cast shot in Japanese
and intended for the international market. The film is currently in post-production with a release date
planned for later in 2012.

 While conducting experiments to create “the perfect breasts” a group of doctors are transformed
into EVIL MUTANT CREATURES with an unstoppable hunger for BOOBIES! See hot action women fight
to keep their perfect breasts out of these evil doctors’ mutant hands!!!


FRANCOIS FUJIMOTO: ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) is the feature film debut of Director
Franky Fuji (Francois Fujimoto).

Franky is the son of a French fashion model and a Japanese business man. Raised by his globe trotting
mother, Franky developed a love for the films of his Father’s homeland from spending much of his youth
in Liberdade, the worlds largest “Japan Town” in São Paulo, Brazil.

In his late 20’s Franky made a life changing trip to Tokyo where he realized his true destiny!
“To make the world’s best Japanese horror comedy movies; full with giant monsters and giant-er
breasts.” ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) is the first of many such films soon to arrive from
this talented new film maker.

Follow Francois on twitter @frankyfuji

MIKE L TAYLOR: Executive Producer and Co-Director (B-Unit and FX Shots) of ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!)
A Veteran Reality TV Director and Dp (Rock Of Love, The Bachelor, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood,
The White Rapper Show), For the past six years Mike has also owned and operated “pretend for real studios”
a boutique animation and digital fx studio.

“When Franky contacted us and described his movie we were very excited to be a part of it!
I don’t think any of us realized exactly how involved we would become. I am still picking boobs
and bloody mutants out of my hair!!”

Follow Mike on twitter @pretendforreal

PRETEND FOR REAL STUDIOS: (TWIZTID’s Buckets Of Blood, Diamondback Entertainment’s
The Purple Plague, GIRLS and CORPSES’ Crazy F’ed Up Bitch) produced the art direction, creature concept designs
and storyboards/animatics for ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!). They are currently providing all of the post
and digital fx on the project as well. Patrick Starr is Digital FX Supervising with Adam Klein overseeing 3D VFX.

CATHY SHIM: Co-Producer/Lead-Actress (RENO 911, MAD TV), “At first when I heard the name I
thought they were joking, then I read the script and fell in love with the characters.
I would’ve sold my soul to bring this movie to life…and I just may have!”
As well as casting the majority of the movie, Cathy went the extra mile and took a crash course in
Japanese to fulfill her lead role in ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!).

MEL – Make-Up and Effects Laboratories: Co-Producers MEL provided all practical make-up fx
and animatronic creature fx for ZOMBOOBIES! (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!).
Make-up FX Supervisor Mike Spatola (Edward Scissor Hands, T2, Star Gate, The Monstrous Make-up Manual)
and Animatronic FX Supervisor Paul Elliott (True Lies, Star Trek: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise) over saw a team that
included sculptor Todd Rex (Land Of The Dead, I Am Legend) and puppeteer Brandon Guibeault.

The majority of the film was shot at the MEL stages in North Hollywood, Ca.

DIAMONDBACK RECORDS AND FILMS: Co-Producers. A music management and film production company from Northern California provided Co-Producer support for the project.

SCREEN PLAY: The screen play for ZOMBOOBIES (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) was written by Francois Fujimoto,
Mike L. Taylor and Thomas Patterson based on a story by Francois Fujimoto.

SOUND TRACK: ZOMBOOBIES (OPAI-ZUKI-ZOMBIE!) is scored by Michael Cudahy (The Millionare) who’s credits include 4 Rooms and
Combustible Edison. Additional Sound design by Richard Arenas.


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