Mike reviews Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Putting together a good horror parody can be a tricky thing. It is usually relatively easy to see the difference between filmmakers who truly have love for the genre they are spoofing, and those just looking to capitalize on the overall success of the genre by trying to write for the lowest common denominator. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a flick I heard a ton of good things about, and once it hit netflix streaming I knew it was one that I wouldn’t be waiting too long to sit down and view. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“The crux of the movie kicks into gear when Allison decides to go swimming in the same lake that Tucker & Dale are fishing in and almost drowns when she is startled by them. Tucker jumps in the water to rescue Allison and once she is on the boat the duo yell out to Allison’s friends “We have your friend.” If this was any other movie, this would be reason to send everyone running, however Tucker & Dale are not villains by any means. They are just two country, misunderstood country bumpkins looking for some fun times in their new vacation home. This, of course, sets off a chain of events that results in a handful of over the top slapstick-y death scenes, including one hell of a kill scene via wood chipper. While each death scene becomes more absurd than the previous, it is forgiven due to the nature of the film itself.”

Will Tucker & Dale vs. Evil stay sweet on me past the cool kill scenes? Head to AllHorror.net (formerly AlteredRealitiesRadio.com) for the entire review! (Click on image below to be taken to the review)


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