Julia’s Eyes (2010) – Reviewed: What you can’t see CAN kill you!

I had heard good things about this flick for the last month or so and decided to track it down & watch it.  I have heard some call this more of a thriller than a horror movie, but I really that is just semantics.  It serves up some scares, twists, red herrings, and a pretty awesome post-kill shot.  Did all of this add up to a movie I’d recommend?  Here is an excerpt from the review:

“The fact that Julia is suffering herself from a degenerative eye disease that is slowly making her blind helps make the movie feel like a race against time for Julia to solve the mystery of what exactly happened to her sister. The movie does a very good job of spooking out the viewer whenever Julia is alone on screen whether it be in her home or following clues that she has collected around town. You will definitely be looking over your own shoulder the next time the power goes out at your place after watching this flick.”

Go check out the entire movie review at the all new ALLHORROR.NET (formerly AlteredRealitiesRadio) by clicking the image below!

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