Will the Dark Passenger be watching over Dexter on the Big Screen?

After the events of the last scene in Season 6 of Dexter, one would be led to believe that with the recent extension of the show for two more seasons, the plan is to wrap the series and saga of one Mr. Dexter Morgan up in the remaining episodes.  While that hasn’t been ruled out, it also hasn’t been confirmed completely either.  With a hot ticket item such as Dexter, could it be following in the footsteps of other such successful franchises like, Star Trek, The Simpsons, and most recently 24, in taking on the big screen?  Find out after the jump.

“Finally, while the series has been guaranteed two more seasons, Coto says that doesn’t mean the creators are plotting Dexter‘s exit strategy. In fact, everyone’s favorite serial killer may eventually migrate to the big screen. “We’re not really looking at an end game right now,” says Coto. “In a way, it’s almost like every season is a form of an end game. This season could’ve been an end toDexter, setting it up for the movies, for example. So every season kind of comes to it’s own conclusion and can be a sort of end game.”

Coto is quick to add that he’s “just speculating” when it comes to movie plans. “I’ve heard nothing about it. I’m actually just projecting from my own experience on 24, where at the end we weren’t going to kill Jack Bauer. We were going to leave him open because down the road there might be a movie. And sure enough, there’s a movie coming.”

For the rest of the report as well as some tidbits on where Debra Morgan’ character might possibly going from here since witnessing what she did in the finale, visit TVGuide for all the details!

Credit: TVGuide

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