Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning or How I learned to stop worrying and love faux Jason!

It’s Friday the 13th again!  I hadn’t really planned on much for the website today being that I have been busy with work and preparing for the baby girl coming soon.  Earlier today I re-post a link to an article from right around the time I started the site last year in which I some thoughts on the Friday the 13th series.  Well now that I am home, the wife is asleep and I have some free time I decided to review a Friday the 13th flick. Not just any sequel, but the one that seems to be the most polarizing. No, not Jason Takes Manhattan, that one is pretty much universally hated (but still loved in a “Well hey, it’s Paramount era Jason, at least, right?” way) Rather I am talking about Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning that’s right.  A lot of people hate this installment if for no other reason than the “major reveal” at the end of the movie, which if you did indeed read the title to the thread, probably now know….(although I’d imagine you’ve already seen the flick many times if you are reading this thread).  So yeah check out my review aka vehement defense of the flick after the jump!

Everyone can appreciate a new beginning. With 2012 barely a half month in, a lot of us might have vowed to start our own new beginning. And I am sure fifty percent of those folks are already back up to their old tricks!  In Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning we are actually in retrospect not at beginning, no, we are smack-dab in the middle of one of the more infamous story arcs of the franchise. The Tommy Jarvis trilogy! (Parts 4,5, & 6 respectively)  While Part 4: A New Chapter, and Part 6: Jason Lives are often on a lot of people’s favorite of the series lists, Part 5 more often then not seems to be left off.  What a shame I suggest, if not downright travesty.   In fact, in my opinion A New Beginning is one of the strongest entries in the franchise.  Let me lay out a few reasons why:

Reason #1 Characters:

Lets set aside for a moment the fact that Tommy Jarvis is even in the movie. The supporting characters are some of the funniest and most memorable of any of the sequels. For the first time in the series we’re treated to somewhat of a departure from the normal gang of five to six camp counselors looking to re-open Camp Crystal Lake for the upcoming summer. Instead the movie takes place primarily at a Camp for mentally disturbed and trouble youths. My personal favorite of the bunch
  happens to be techno-chick who seems to have the same song on repeat on her headphones that she pretty much always has on her.

However make no mistake about it, the zany cast of characters does not begin or end with the Camp. We have the Crazy Farmer lady and her mentally-challenged dirt bike riding son.  Billy the slimeball and his nose candy loving waitress Lana,

and of course who can forget Demon (played by genre vet Miguel A. Nunez Jr.) his girlfriend Anita or those damn enchiladas….

Reason #2 Blood &Boobs Factor:

While the gore and epic nature of the kills in this installment aren’t quite on the spectacular level as they become once Jason Voorhees becomes the super-undead zombie indestructible killing machine later on in the series, there is a pretty solid reason behind the more practical nature of how most of the kills go down, and why Jason seems more prone and reactionary to taking damage. (More on that in a bit). Truth be told, in this flick we get a lot more blood than “Gore”
   In fact most of the gore from the kills is featured in the after shots of kill scenes.This is exemplified no better than in the entire movie more than the aftermath of the Franklin kill scene, (which wasn’t even a Jason kill)  As for for the the second part of this category, lets just say  when you find yourself asking what happened to the days of nudity a’plenty in your everyday slasher flick, throw on this flick for a good example of a movie going over the “required” amount to deem itself a classic in this aspect.  Seems just about every other scene someone is getting naked and then of course, murdered.

Reason #3 The Big Reveal:

This is definitely the aspect that divides people into two camps. I tend to find myself more in the middle ground here. I don’t necessarily love the fact that it wasn’t actual Jason Voorhees, but rather an imposter who took advantage of the legend of Jason Voorhees, but it definitely fits into the story and careful attention was made all along the way to give us hints it might not really be Jason in the first place.  Assuming the previous installment was planned on being the last of Jason Voorhees, then this was really in my opinion a perfectly acceptable way to bring the “spirit” of Jason  back without  actually bringing him back.

 Again, this was the final installment until Jason took the next step in the evolutionary chain of what what modern day horror fans have come to know the Jason Voorhees character as which is a super-human indestructible killing machine. Any true fan or “historian” of the series will tell you in fact that it wasn’t how his character started out. 

So there you have it.  I’m a bonafide fan of Friday the 13th V: A New  Beginning and I won’t apologize or feel shame for letting the world know. It was encouraging to see some of the positive feedback and similar opinions on this part of the franchise on twitter this evening, however here on EvilEpisodes all opinions are welcome so whether you agree or disagree, let yourself be heard in the comment thread!  See you next Friday the 13th!

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