“Horror Essentials” getting a slight tweak….starting with next installment! Details…

After a whole 1 segment, I have decided to tweak the Horror Essentials segment of the podcast a little bit. Was talking to a few folks who liked the idea but then we all got to thinking, why are giving Darrick the easy way out? Showing him the best each sub-genre has to offer is something to be earned not just given as a freebie! So from now on Horror Essentials will feature one film the represents the best of the sub-genre, and one that represents……the worst! Yep that’s right! And this next edition should be a fun one. We are tackling the Scary-Doll sub-genre. I am leaving Child’s Play on the sidelines for now since I recently did a review/discussion on that one for my old podcast, so we decided to go with the following:

I remember DOLLS being a pretty solid film, while Dolly Dearest, I myself have to re-watch to get a true grasp on, although I hear from most it is painful to get through.   Should be a fun double-header.  In addition we will also go over the “Living Doll” episode of The original Twilight Zone featuring the Talky Tina doll.


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