Mike reviews , 2009’s AMER; a homage to Giallo, with sprinklings of Argento!

As a fan of Italian horror it may come as a surprise how little I know or have seen specifically of the Giallo sub-genre. I’ve never been quite sure where to jump in. Eventually I will get to that. Perhaps a good start was watching AMER, which is being called a homage to the Giallo genre.  I got a real kick out of this movie. This movie came off creepy, bizarre, and sometimes like a tease.  All sorts of crazy sensations you would hope for.  Assuming that doesn’t give away all of my thoughts on the flick, here is a preview of  the review:

“AMER does not feature a lot of dialogue. However it is not to the films detriment. Quite frankly dialogue is not needed. The score (much of which is borrowed from Giallo classics) and amplified sound effects get the job done.  Ever drip of water, every slam of a door, as well as every gust of wind is focused on so carefully by the filmmakers that you won’t even notice that large parts of the film have gone by without a single word said. We know what the characters are thinking, and most of the time that is plenty.”

Click on the image below which will take you to AlteredRealitiesRadio for the full review!

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