American Horror Story season 2 plans…..aka I do love a good Horror Anthology!

As the season finale of American Horror Story grew closer, the speculation had already began on how a second season would go down. As the abundance of characters from the show continued to grow, while the main characters continued down their fate it seemed like the show might have been painting itself into a corner that would be hard to scramble out of.  Well, after much wondering on the parts of fans and critics alike, it looks like the direction for season two and beyond has been revealed…..

Looks like we are saying farewell for the most part to the Harmons, as the second season will be featuring new characters, a new family, & new location. Yes, that is right, American Horror Story will become a horror anthology with a complete turnover every season. However, fret not, some of your favorite ghosts may be back to make appearances in the future….

“In a press conference call series co-creator Ryan Murphy and FX executive John Landgraf announced that the second season would have a new family in a new house living out a different haunting. “What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house” said Murphy, “Every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and an end.”

The “new beginning” of American Horror Story does not necessarily mean that your favorite actors and actresses will not re-appear as Murphy is currently in negotiations with “a handful” of favorites. “There will be some new and familiar faces, playing new characters and new monsters,” Murphy said, so at least a few of them will return playing different people. Murphy continued “It’s a fun idea to do an anthology show. That was the design of the show from the beginning – it’s a really cool and interesting way to tell a horror show, every season being what an American horror is.” Series creators were tight lipped about the fact that the end of season one meant the story’s end, but now it sounds like the folks at FX are excited about doing an anthology.

And what about Rubber Man? He will be gone too, but there will be a new set of creatures and horror monsters appearing “very early in the second season.” According to Murphy. Creators are also seeking actual haunted properties for the setting of the next round. “The season we’re planning now is very different from the California house approach”, and the goal is to find locations “filled with demons and ghosts” as well as deal with real issues facing society. The Harmon house, for example, can’t be sold because of the housing crisis.”

So, what does this news mean to you? Were you hoping the Harmon’s storyline would be continuing? Are you glad the show will move on to a completely new storyline?  Any favorite characters/ghosts you hope to see make cameos in the future?  Leave a comment with your thoughts!


One response to “American Horror Story season 2 plans…..aka I do love a good Horror Anthology!

  1. Tate needs to resurface, as he had the most compelling/impactive character of this new and chilling series. His character needs to return in some way shape or form…it would be cool if the writers had his “energy” be rebirthed back to life with a different family’s new born, only have that child slowly realize who he actually is/ and was in a previous life: (aka Tate!) That would rock forsure! There have been stories where you hear of a child or young adult showing up at another families home claiming to be their dead son/or daughter…having visions that only the thier dead child could have had etc. Just a thought for Tates character???

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