Hemlock Grove being adapted for a 13 episode series exclusively on netflix; produced/directed by Eli Roth.

Eli Roth, most horror fans either love him or hate him. The director Cabin Fever and the more controversial Hostel, one of a handful of films that gave birth to the label “torture-porn” whether rightfully so or not.  Looks like Mr. Roth is delving into some TV Horror with the adaption of Hemlock Grove.

“Set against the backdrop of our darke  myths,adolescent deceptions, ravenous relationships and rumors of a werewolf, the series re-imagines everything it means to be a monster as reflected in the struggle to be human.”

Eli Roth will handle the directing and producing according to DEADLINE’s report. And the script itself will be written by Brian McGreevy who wrote the novel, as well as Lee Shipman.  It should be noted that the gothic horror novel will be available on March 27th.  No word yet on when the series plans to air on netflix, but rest assured Evil Episodes will keep you up to date on all the information as it is released!




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