Mike heads to the drive-in for some CHILLERAMA!

I recently sat down to watch the horror-parody anthology CHILLERAMA! It’s very tongue-and-cheek, but done with the craft and care of filmmakers who obviously have a fondness for the source material.  Each story spoofs a classic sub-genre of horror.  There are four stories in total here, how many hit the target? Here is an exceprt from the review:

“What good horror anthology flick doesn’t contain a background and/or “in-between the stories” story that runs the entire length of the movie, right? The local drive-in is closing but not before one last macabre showing. This will serve as the backfrop of Chillerama. This is where we will see the three short stories within the movie, before being treated to the conclusion as well with the  zombie sub-genre parody. However these aren’t your everyday zombies…..oh no, these are blue liquid spewing fornicating zombies!! Before going to work one of the employees decided to pay a visit and extract a little “tough lough” to his late ex-wife after digging her grave up. After the freakish session necrophilia oral style, the zombie corpse decides to  extract her own revenge in the form of an uncomfortable crunch.”

Yowza…..sorry to leave you on such a painful note! For the full review click the image below:


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