Forget giving me “the willies”, this barely managed a hiccup. The Willies reviewed.

Of course, I don’t think this movie was ever meant to be scary in the first place. Just me?  In a childhood that consisted of renting almost every horror flick available on the shelves, for some reason The Willies always escaped my clutches. Not sure why. I remember it always being there, un-rented by anyone else. Can’t remember why I kept passing it up.  Maybe my review will shed some light on that? Here is an excerpt from the review I did for Truly Disturbing website:

 “While the “Kentucky Fried Rat” gag was predictable, I will admit to sort of being surprised at the “Dog in the microwave” piece, given how kid-friendly the rest of the movie is. Following those brief tales and a pretty cool reference to Astin’s “The Goonies” in the form of a joke, we get down to business with a couple longer stories.  The first story follows a young boy being bullied at school by a trio of classmates, and his counseling from the school janitor Mr. Jenkins played by genre favorite James Karen (Return of the Living Dead).  Mr. Jenkins cheers up the boy and promises him that those bullies will “get theirs” “

Don’t stop there! Head on over to Truly Disturbing to read the full review by clicking on the image below:



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