Evil Episodes website/podcast update…..(good news for a change!)

Hello Ghouls, Goblins & Ghosts!

So if you’ve been keeping up with recent events you’d know my main PC has been out of commission for going on about three weeks. Well, after a new motherboard, upgraded memory, a new graphics card and finally, a new wireless  usb adapter, everything is back up and running, and a lot better.  Feels nice to get everything back and see it running more smoothly than before!

With that said,  a new episode of the podcast will be recording sometime between tomorrow and Sunday depending on schedules.  I’ve missed enough weeks that it will be impossible to cover everything from the last month, so mostly we will be picking up from where the latest shows & series, specials, movies etc etc have left off, what we’ve been watching and stuff.  Maybe I will go over the situation of  what happened and all that stuff, maybe not, who knows.  There will be a zombie double feature for the new episode, a movie that aired on SyFy called Zombie Apocalypse and a documentary that aired on the History Channel called Zombies: A Living History.   So look for that to episode to be available early next week.

Also big shout out to my buddy and friend to the show, Doug Barnes of TheSeasonPass podcast for making the show a new killer intro. I really dig it and I think all of you will too.  If you do be sure to let Doug know!

Also with the computer being back up I can finally get back on the horse as far as my contribution duties to the killer websites Truly Disturbing & Altered Realites Radio, both of which I write various horror reviews for. Both sites have been very gracious about my recent downtime, but that looks to be in the past. In fact, the content returns tonight as I am watching CHILLERAMA later tonight and will either have a review up really late tonight or sometime tomorrow so look for that too!

Thanks again everyone for bearing with the computer crisis and welcome back!


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