The Dark Passenger will continue to ride…..Dexter renewed for 2 more seasons!

A month or so back fans of the series were a bit worried as contract talks with Michael C. Hall had stalled. The actor & the network were reported to be at a stand still for a new contract, and without Dexter, it’d be hard to have Dexter.  Well everyone can breathe a sigh of relief the series has not yet eaten the “perfect key lime pie”…

After lengthy negotiations, Showtime has closed a new two-year deal with Dexter star Michael C. Hall. With him locked in, the pay cable network has renewed its flagship series for 2 more seasons, bringing the its run to 8 seasons. Each season will consist of 12 episodes, with production on Season 7 slated to begin next year in Los Angeles.

Also positive is the current 5 week streak of climbing ratings:

This past week, Dexter inched up again in the ratings for a fifth consecutive week, delivering 1.99 million viewers (2.61 million for the night), the show’s largest audience since the sixth season premiere. Season-to-date, the dark drama averages 5.12 million viewers per week on all platforms.

This is certainly great news for everyone looking for a real conclusion to the series. With everything that is already going down this season it would have been nearly impossible to wrap up whatever fate lies ahead for Dexter Morgan. I have a feeling Season 7 & 8 will be the conclusion of the series, which will give it plenty of time to come up with a proper ending whatever it may end up being!

Credit: Deadline

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