NBC invites the Munsters back for the reboot you all were waiting for…..(you all being used incorrectly) is now official!

Following up on a report from several weeks ago, it looks like NBC has officially greenlit the reboot of The Munsters. I know this move is being universally panned by much of the horror community, and I probably agree with a lot of their points, but as someone who didn’t grow up with the show, and that covers Horror TV, it is hard to be upset at any new horror content coming across the small screen. Until it sucks of course, then I will be as mad and smarmy as everyone else! *wink*

Read some of the details after on the scoop after the jump  as well as a few of the intros to the original black & white series and the first reboot titled “The Munsters Today”

Less than 2 weeks after receiving Bryan Fuller’s script for The Munsters, NBC has given a pilot order to the Pushing Daisies creator’s reboot of the 1960s comedy. Universal Television is producing the project, described as an imaginative reinvention of The Munsters as a visually spectacular one-hour drama. Fuller originally developed The Munsters last season and his was one of very few scripts new NBC chief Bob Greenblatt kept in play when he took over the network in January. Greenblatt rolled the project to get it redeveloped by his team. Fuller’s new outline submitted in September was received well, and his new script was delivered to NBC early this month. Word is that the network envisions the new Munsters as a potential summer or event series.

Credit: Deadline

The Munsters original intro:

The Munsters 2nd season intro:

The Munsters “Today” intro:

There was actually a season two and three of The Munsters Today, which shared the same intro but to save your computer from CPU overload, I will just link them rather then embed them. Watch them here:

Munsters “Today” Season 2 & 3 intro: 


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