Mike opens the book to chapter 1 of NBC’s GRIMM….

Premiering tonight at 9pm on NBC is a new drama series called Grimm. For those that aren’t familiar with the premise, it is loosely based on the Grimm fairytales.  If you are still scratching your head or would like to gather some more information for reference, check out the Grimm’s Fairytales wiki page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimms’_Fairy_Tales

Last night I had a chance to watch the pilot episode of the show and here are some thoughts:

 Detective Nick Burkhardt  is a homicide detective in Portland. When the pilot episode opens he is trying to track down a missing girl who was described as wearing a red sweatshirt. This piece of the description sets off flags since earlier a young woman was reported missing after jogging on a trail in a wooded area also wearing a red sweatshirt. If you are already connecting the description to a familiar childhood story called Little Red Riding Hood then you have an idea of what you are in for in NBC’s new “horror”-drama Grimm.

Grimm fairytales set in modern day time. That is the name of the game with this show. For accuracy and reference I am the last person to go to on this. I myself have never read the actual Grimm fairytales in their original forms and by the time I read or watched the adaptions I did happen to see they were probably severely bastardized for the sake of being child-friendly.  “Hexenbiests & Blutbads” are none too familiar terms for me, but they definitely qualify as beasts & monsters, which are two pretty universal characters. So on that front, good enough for me.

Detective Burkhardt begins seeing strange things as the show opens. Normal people’s faces morph into beastly looking formations. Think the Al Pacino’s minions in “Devil’s Advocates.” That night he is visited by his ailing Aunt who tells him she has something she needs to share, which happens with a ton of urgency. It’s explained to him that he is a descendant of the “Grimms” bloodline who have the special gift of being able to identify the monsters and stop them. Also that his parents didn’t really die in an accident, they were killed by monsters.  As you’d imagine he takes the immediate news about as well as Buffy did, learning she came from a long line of Vampire Slayers (the movie folks, not the show, haha).

Through the course of the episode Det. Burkhardt thinks he has a prime suspect in Monroe is in fact a monster, but a reformed monster who looks like he could turn out to be the series comic relief and reluctant “phantom helper” to Det. Burkhardt.  As expected, the pilot ends on a cliffhanger. A few monsters have been taken care of but we get a good indication the monsters have a large network of organization and are now onto Det. Burkhardt.

While I found the pilot to be enjoyable, including the overall premise and small things thrown in there to indicate the world still has remnants of the fairytale aspect (the dead end sign as they were driving through the woods) I do see a struggle for this series moving forward in just how it will want to identify itself. Is it “homicide detective” enough for that crowd, is it “horror-y” enough for people who are tuning in to see monsters reign terror? Who exactly is this show for, will it find an audience quick enough and establish itself to be different enough than another show that just started up recently too called “Once Upon a Time” (I haven’t seen that one yet). My tastes could be becoming a little skewed due to mainly being a watcher of premium and basic cable including (MTV’s Teen Wolf which is my surprise liking of 2011 so far) when it comes to TV shows, but even so, with a 9pm start time I was hoping for Grimm to push the envelope a tad more during the scenes with the monsters in them.

With that said, Grimm’s premise and overall execution was enough to at least get me to turn to chapter 2 next Friday night. Lets hope the show can build any momentum it gets from it’s premiere tonight, which as a side note seems like an awful time to debut a show at. I have got to wonder if this was always the planned time slot or if it got pushed back for some reason.  If you plan on watching tonight or have already seen the show due to the gracious give away by @NBCGrimm (follow their twitter and you receive a code to watch the pilot immediately)  leave me some comments here on the thread or as always you can hit up the forums or email them to me! Now where did I leave that wolf’sbane?

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