Survive the end of the world with: The Last Mans on Earth!

The end of the world is coming in 2012, and you need to be prepared. Kaduche Chidambar Nadarajan III & Wynn Coe are here to help you with all the essentials to surviving during end times in the highly entertaining web-series, The Last Mans on Earth!  Being that this is a horror site, I went ahead and posted Episode 9: Decapitating Zombies, right here for everyone. Check it out:

It doesn’t get much more scary than the end of the world, whether it will bring on monsters, ghouls, & creatures or not.  When the time comes make sure you take in all the lessons & advice Kaduche & Wynn have to offer by checking out their website, blog, & complete list of episodes at the official website HERE And be sure to follow them on twitter ( @lastmansonearth ) and tell ’em EvilEpisodes sent ya!


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