Dead Island coming to the big screen?

It looks like Lionsgate has picked up the rights that will allow the zombies of Dead Island take another bite out of consumers in the form of a feature-length film…FirstShowing reports the following:

“In a press release, Lionsgate has announced their option of the film rights to Dead Island, the best-selling video game for XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Centering on an island where vacationers become terrorized by a quickly spreading zombie outbreak, the film hopes to capitalize on the hype surrounding the teaser trailer for the game from last year.”

What do you guys think?  Is the time right for another zombie movie?  With World War Z on the way as well, it looks like we could have another helping of brains coming out way in 2012.  Let’s take a peak at the Dead Island announcement trailer once more below, and contemplate what it would look like with real actors/actresses in it.  Would that trailer have you excited for a potential movie?

Credit: First Showing

One response to “Dead Island coming to the big screen?

  1. I just hope it won’t be another “House of the Dead” as directed by Uwe Boll. It fell short of my expectations as a first person shooter “movie”.

    The game is pretty great (I love kicking zombies in the face 🙂 ) so far. I enjoy playing it 🙂

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