The Talking Dead? AMC Orders Walking Dead Talk Show

With a TV show that is watched by millions, naturally it is going to spark a lot of talk around the water cooler at work the next day. However, sometimes the buzz cannot wait until then.  One option is to hit the internet immediately. Start bloggin’ it up on message boards & Twitter.  Another option would be to tune into the brand new Walking Dead Talk Show that AMC has just announced that will air at the conclusion of each episode of the Walking Dead. From THP:

“Talking Dead, AMC’s first live aftershow, will serve as a platform for discussion about The Walking Dead. The half-hour series will premiere after the encore presentattions of the hourlong drama on Sunday, Oct. 16. Beginning on Friday, Nov. 4, Talking Dead will air following the show’s encores at 11 p.m.”

Chris Hardwick host of The Talking Dead!

Chris Hardwick, known for his roles on G4’s Talk soup, (and hey if you are as old as me, MTV’s Singled Out from back in the day) will serve as host for the half hour series that will premiere after the encore presentation of The Walking Dead Season 2 on October 16th….

Credit: THP


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