Heather Langenkamp’s documentary: I AM NANCY! Reviewed.

Hi folks.  My latest guest contribution to the great TRULY DISTURBING site is now up and available.  I was gracious enough to receive a screener copy of I AM NANCY, the documentary about Heather Langenkamp’s adventures in the festival world.  Here is an excerpt from the review:

“In a franchise that is so driven by a single character, what is it like being the next most recognizable character? The proverbial “Number 2″ in line.  Yes, I am talking about the character of Nancy Thompson played by Heather Langenkamp.  Nancy Thompson is Freddy’s #1 foe.  (Wow, even I spent the first paragraph of this article writing about Freddy exclusively) Her character has been a part of defeating Kruger in three separate films.  It doesn’t hurt that two of the three are easily the best entries in the franchise (The original & NOES 3:Dream Warriors) while Wes Craven’s New Nightmare itself is considered a solid entry in itself. “

Please go to TRULY DISTURBING to read the entire review and then head to the official website of I AM NANCY where you can find out all the info you need to know on the documentary as well as puchase it from amazon or directly from the website via paypal.



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