When the lights go down in the theater,and the horror flicks start to plaaaay……there will be screams!

A big part of the campaigns from movies such as Paranomal Activity 1 & 2 was showing the audience reaction to the flicks in commercials and viral ads.  However, they are hardly the first movies to give the audiences a huge scare in the theater.  I can remember experiencing screams all around me when watching THE RING in the theater on opening night.  However going back even further, 1978 to be exact, the John Carpenter classic HALLOWEEN was terrifying audiences. A clip has been released online from a screening of the movie complete with audio of the crowd reacting. For all you horror movie goers, this will sound familiar:

Cool, eh?  Here is hoping that the Horror genre gets back into gear soon and continues to frighten audiences like this again!

One response to “When the lights go down in the theater,and the horror flicks start to plaaaay……there will be screams!

  1. I was lucky enough to be living in Madison, WI when Paranormal Activity first came out. One of the movie theaters in Madison was selected as one of ten theaters throughout the country for the movies initial run, with attendance for those ten theaters helping to decide the fate for a potential wider release in the future (which obviously the film achieved). The movie only ran for 3 nights, and had two showing a night, one at 9:30 and one at Midnight (if I remember correctly). For the showing I went to, the theater was packed and played out much like the previews footage of people screaming and and jumping in their seats.

    It was a cool experience, but I thought that it was maybe a little overdone in the sense that people in the crowd were over-reacting because of what they had seen in the marketing for the movie, and at times felt like they were hamming it up, which kind of took me out of the whole thing. While it is still one of the only experiences where I’ve had such a strong reaction to a horror movie in the theaters, part of me thinks the marketing of people reacting so strongly almost forced people to respond that way when normally they wouldn’t.

    I have to believe that Halloween above had no such campaign and those reactions are really people being scared shitless. That would be a truly great experience, and one that I hope I can go to someday.

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