Walking Dead producers discuss Season 2 tidbits & plot points….hit on Darabont departure.

When you mention AMC’s The Walking Dead there is still a lot of buzz & mystery surrounding what exactly led to Frank Darabont’s departure from the show.  Recently Hitflix got a chance to check out the season premiere episode as well as share in a little Q & A with the production staff.  Check out a snippet of the interview below:

From Glen Mazzara:

“Listen, you know, I came over to be Frank’s No. 2. I believe in Frank. Frank’s a talented individual. I think he’s a terrific guy who was a mensch to me in everything and I really loved working with him,” Mazzara told us. “We all did a lot of work in plotting this season under Frank. I think part of the reason that we’ve had such a smooth transition is that it’s a fully articulated world, both coming from the comic and what Frank’s been able to put on-screen, what everybody here has been able to put on-screen… There’s been all this concern that I’m gonna f*** up the show and all this stuff and really, we’re just trying to get it done. I think this is consistent with the material we did last year. I think, like any second season, you work out the bugs, you try to improve, you find what you can do, and what you’re seeing is the usual growth of any TV show, creatively.”

Regarding some Season two plot points being rumored/discussed by fans:

*** We’re getting to The Farm this year. Kirkman won’t say when.
*** Responding to speculation that Michael Rooker’s long-absent Merle may turn out to be The Governor, Kirkman said, “I’m trying to decide whether I should debunk that. Merle is a character we like and I don’t think that we’re ever in the mindset of taking a character and turning it into another character. The Governor is something that I know Glen and I are very excited to work into the story and we will hopefully be doing that eventually and whether or not that will relate in any way to Merle remains to be seen.”
Trust me when I say this is just a mere appetizer of the complete interview and discussion. You definitely want to check out the full report which features much more from Mazzaro, a bunch from Robert Kirkman and even more plot point tidbits for Season 2!
Credit: Hitflix

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