Michael C. Hall’s turn to make a killing w/Showtime series Dexter.

Dexter is known for killing criminals, the sadistic murderers of the worst kind. Variety is reporting that contract negotiations are currently going on to extend Michael C. Hall’s tenure with the network.  No word yet how much longer Dexter plans to run for but word is Hall is looking for a significant price bump considering he is now also an executive producer of the show and well, because the show is incredibly successful….I am sure it will be Michael C. Hall will now be the one making a killing!

From Variety:

“Dexter” star Michael C. Hall is in negotiations for a new pact to continue on Showtime’s top-rated drama series.

  Hall has been in talks with Showtime to renew his deal for several months, as his previous contract expires after the show’s upcoming sixth season, which bows Oct. 2.

“Dexter” is vital property for the CBS-owned pay cabler, which owns the show. It pulls in higher ratings than any other series and it has been a strong draw in international markets.

It’s unclear how many more seasons the sides are considering under the new pact, and whether the length of the term is a sticking point. Hall is said to be looking for a significant salary bump as well after working under his original contract for the past six seasons.

The thesp is believed to have started out in 2006 at a salary in the high five figure range, though his paycheck has likely swelled since then. After the show’s second season, Hall was named a co-exec producer on the show, and was upped to exec producer rank in season four. Once he became as exec producer, Hall was entitled to share in ancillary income from the show, including DVD sales, merchandising and foreign distribution.”

Check out the full report after the jump! And get ready for the new season of Dexter starting in October!

Credit: Variety


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