Kittie’s new video for WE ARE THE LAMB features Blood, Gore, & Zombies!

I’ve been a fan of the all chick metal band Kittie for quite some time. I remember seeing them in their original lineup way back at Ozzfest years ago.  I saw them a couple times in small clubs here in Sacramento as well as San Francisco.  Their sound has evolved a few times throughout the years and they have definitely gone in a direction that I like.  Here is a video for the track “We are the Lamb” off their new album “I’ve Failed You” a video which zombie fans should enjoy:

Kittie will be going on tour in the USA beginning tonight including a stop in Sacramento (in the suburb of Orangevale, but who needs that detail, right?) on September 27th, which I will be attending.  Can’t wait to feel too old to be amongst all the youngsters rocking out….for more info on the tour and band check out KITTIE’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

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