Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do…watcha gonna do when the MONSTER COPS come for you?

On the eve of MTV airing the brand new horror-comedy series “Death Valley” about cops in the San Fernando valley keeping the streets clean of  vampires, werewolves, and zombies, I think it is only fair for me to point out that I have recently discovered (thanks to some of my associates over at TRULYDISTURBING) that a similar show, on a much smaller budget, already sort of exists and quite frankly, stands on it’s own pretty damn solidly. Here is the trailer, which seems to blend just the right amount of horror, drama, & comedy:

What is writer Patrick A. Prejusa’s vision for MONSTER COPS? From the man himself:

“I’ve been writing, producing, directing, editing, and scoring this series since 2008. It’s a mockumentary about a secret government agency that investigates and destroys monsters. It’s shot COPS style, as a training video where the viewer is being treated as a new recruit. A camera crew following around these elite officers as they hunt down and kill Monsters, covertly, witnessing every bit of emotion that would come with the job, including a surprising amount of comedy, mixed in with the right amount of horror, and some endearing character driven drama.”

This type of project is definitely what fans of the horror genre should be supporting. While this might not convince you not to watch the bigger production shows on network tv, it is a good lesson in where originality in the genre sometimes resides, not in a big studio, not in a board meeting, but from fellow fans of the genre who have an idea and a drive to bring that idea to light for everyone else to enjoy! Monster Cops is a thrill ride of carnage & comedy, one that will keep you searching for more. (Good news, there are new episodes planned)

Be sure to check out Patrick Prejusa’s official youtube page HERE where you will be able to watch everything Monster Cops including full episodes, preview episodes, mini-sodes, and various other projects Patrick has worked on in the past and/or presently.  Also for everything MONSTER COPS, be sure to check out the official website at

Credit: Killer Aphrodite



One response to “Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do…watcha gonna do when the MONSTER COPS come for you?

  1. Monster Cops rocked my world! thanks for the link. Looks as if, um….Mtv took some serious liberties with monster cos when they did Death Valley..hmm..

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