Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory…..a conclusion to this nightmare could hit at anytime!

If you are taking the time to read the post, I am going to assume you are familiar with the West Memphis Three aka WM3. HBO did a documentary on their story in 1996 called Paradise Lost, and followed it up in 2000 with Paradise Lost 2: Revelations.

For those not familiar with their story. Please visit the following pages:

To give a very brief summary, some children were murdered in a small town in West Memphis, Arkansas, eager to “solve the crime” and satisfy the obviously upset parents and town, three teenage boys were pinned for the crimes, they were come to be known as the West Memphis Three.  They wore black, listened to heavy metal, had piercings, tattoos, all the kind of stuff that seems like old news in many parts of the USA, however not so in this small region.  The initial case against them seemed flimsy at best, but they ended up convicted.  The two HBO Docs followed the West Memphis Three through the initial trial and then their time behind bars.
News has broken today that new evidence has come to light that suggests they are not guilty and it is possible a new trial could be ordered or the three of them could outright be released in the next day or so….with this news comes also comes the third installment of the HBO Paradise Lost Documentary, Purgatory:
I highly recommend watching the documentaries, it is a very riveting story and situation, including many of the parents of the children, the circumstances surrounding everyone involved etc etc…just a warning though, the docs are very graphic including real depictions of the crime scene and victims, however I feel in this context it is still something worth viewing.  Also, my brief summary really didn’t do the entire story justice, I didn’t even mention the outpouring of support and outrage by so many people who saw the documentary and felt it a civic duty to help find out the truth. Please visit the websites I listed to get more information and all the breaking news!

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